Monarch Butterflies

Monarch Butterflies are an endangered species and Rob Graveman is on a mission to save these beauties. Because of the constant use of pesticides and herbicides in the US, the country is quickly depleting the supply of the native butterfly weed, Asclepias

– Milk Weed, the Monarch’s only food source

In order to help the Monarch’s survive, Rob harvests Asclepias seeds from the wild each summer to plant and raise for our garden center. We encourage gardeners to add the plants to their landscape and toward the end of summer we host a special Monarch Butterfly event. 

In late summer, Rob invites adults and children to hear his lecture on the majesty of the Monarch Butterfly and its peril. Children are invited to handle the caterpillars which will morph into the beautiful butterfly. The youth also help release the many we have hatched from cocoons and tagged with identification. We’ll announce the Monarch event once the cocoons start to form and hatch. Meanwhile, the Asclepias will bring beauty to your garden in blooms and butterflies

Monarch Butterfly Gallery