Plant Selection

They say a weed is a plant out of place, and it is true. The right plant in the right spot will flourish and provide you with a visual feast. We listen very carefully to fully understand the type of plant you want, where it will go, and how much time you can invest in its care.
You have so many choices: annuals or perennials, evergreen or deciduous, fast growing or slow, flowering, fruiting, edible, or ornamental. Not to mention sun and watering needs, plus height and width. It can get overwhelming, let us help you.
Plant selection and placement is the key to your success as a gardener and we want you to succeed; we will pay attention and find the right plant for your needs. By the way, we grow all of our herbs, veggies, houseplants, orchids, tropicals, annuals and perennials; it’s like you’re taking a little part of our family into your home.

Plant Garden Gallery